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By Nox
Apr 14,2017 at 4:20 PM

Alright. Cause my info is publicly available I'm not going to really introduce myself.

My World Lore entry at the Clandestine Providence page AJ has set up for my world. If you want to know me more 'personally' you can check out my blog at The Mind of Nox. Be careful going back too far in the blog history, my life changed from the early days.

By Alex
Apr 21,2017 at 3:35 AM

You can find some pieces of me at Devil Doll Musings
This is the story where I made my first appearance Alex's Origin story

My basics? I'm a little older than Nox, around the same height but more muscular. My hair is inky black and I often style it into a faux mohawk when my baby trims it up nice in the back and around my ears.

I'm a telepath and have other talents that you might read about. I once worked with an aid agency but am at loose ends right now, bar tending while I decide what I want to do next. Maybe I'll just follow Nox around, see what other trouble he can get himself in...

By Nox
Apr 21,2017 at 9:06 AM

Hah. That's all btw.

Me getting into trouble. But I blame AJ for that

By Ignis
Apr 24,2017 at 3:03 PM

Ignis Caelum is a Warder bonded to Lady Luna Obless of the Yellow Ajah. Arafellin by birth, he has dirty blonde hair with bells woven into it. He stands 6 feet tall and carries a sword. Growing up in the borderlands, he is very skilled with a blade, and despite his height, he can be stealthy if he needs to be.

Luna Obless is the daughter of an Ebou Dari nobleman. When it was found she could channel, she was sent to the White Tower for training. She was raised to the shawl when Elaida was Amyrlin and not agreeing with her, she left for other pursuits.

It was during this time that she headed to Arafel. On the road, she was beset by bandits. Luna could have handled herself, but by chance or fate, Ignis intervened. Being a man of honor, he would not let her travel to the next town by herself and offered his services to protect her on the road. Intrigued, Luna allowed it.

They traveled and got to know each other very well. Both were willing to talk, and they found themselves liking each others company. Ignis was unaware that his companion was Aes Sedai. Luna kept this from him because she wanted to know what he was truly like instead of how she would thought he would react to being around Aes Sedai. She found him to be honorable, honest, kind-hearted, and modest. Because of these traits, shortly before the end of their journey, she revealed herself and asked him to become her Warder.

Ignis agreed and joined her in her fight against the shadow. They both served in the Last Battle, she spent most of her time healing the injured and he protected her. Since then, they have continued to travel, assisting others in rebuilding their lives.

Ignis has romantic feelings for Luna and through the bond, Luna is aware of this. Ignis doesn't talk about it for professional reasons. Luna respects this, but at times thinks she might feel the same way.

Dec 13,2018 at 3:45 AM