You should be able to edit your own posts now. That should be helpful for those of you like me who reread AFTER you hit submit!

Just an FYI the edit feature for posts is currently broken.

By Nox
Apr 24,2017 at 5:34 PM

Yeah AJ broke it when she added an edit Title/Thread feature for moderators... She'll fix it soon. Promise.

edits AJ fixed the edit feature now. And a few other little things should be working.

By Nox
Apr 24,2017 at 9:02 PM

If you have issues don't hesitate to post them.

Birth dates should be showing up in your profile now too.

One big thing, if you happen to accidentally close the window or you navigate away from it, your reply should still be there on a back or using recent history to open it...

The local storage that remembers it will be wiped if you open another thread (even if it's the same one) or if you click on new thread...

Keep in mind when editing your posts, that at present it won't remember those changes. It's a future feature that AJ needs to do a little more research on.

I have no idea what I just told you other than I won't lose my posts by accident anymore...

AJ wants me to share: if you are a programmer you can check out the github repo

Dec 13,2018 at 3:55 AM