Avatars & Displayed Names

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Avatars are linked to your email address, since that's the only purpose of it at the moment if you'd like to not have your gravatar avatar or you want a different one from the blank avatar you can put in a fake email address and it will generate a monster avatar for you based on that email address.

However I suggest you not use real email addresses so what I've been doing is using @aj-hunter.com. There should not be any avatars that exist this this email address and will be safe to pull up a different avatar.

You could use "charactername@aj-hunter.com" or some other variation.

Displayed names can be changed, you don't have to keep them the same. Just click your name at the top of the page and change. You can change as many times as you want, just remember it's going to change every entry from that account. If you want different display names for different characters try a different log in method.

Dec 13,2018 at 3:46 AM