The Search for X - The Beginning

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Basic World Building

Anyone is welcome to join at any time This is a "game master account" , meant solely to propel the story along as necessary.

Quick information about the world.

Every person is genetically engineered with specific traits and are 'born' in labs and given to a family who may or may not be their biological parents.

Every person has a serial number tattoo'd and surgically implanted into their left collar bone. In the following format:


F is the facility in which the person was born there are 6 facilities

MMMMMMM is the mother's personal identification number DDDDDDD is the father's personal identification number XXXXXXX is your personal identification number TTTTTTT is a code that signifies what specific traits you were engineered to have

M,D,X, and T can be 0-9 or a-z (case insensitive)

None of these things need to be defined to play. It's just a little background.

The year is 3106. Every surface of the earth is covered in city. There is an island city named "Atlantis" and a floating city named "Olympus".

There are several means of transportation: supersonic trains, teleportation, and flying cars. Having your own personal flying car means you are very well off. So travel is near instantaneous if you want to get from place to place.

The six breeding facilities are located in 1 "Old New York", 2 "Mecha", 3 "Atlantis", 4 "Old China", 5 "Sydney" and 6 "Olympus"

Every person choose a name at the age of 15 until then they are typically called by their personal serial number or whatever their parents want to call them.

Mutations are highly prevalent since the earth is over polluted, cybernetic implants are highly popular but expensive. Normal humans are rare, but usually means high breeding and a resistance to the radiation and pollution.

Your characters can be anything, do anything. We don't care as long as it fits into the world. Just remember to play nice.

The world is run by six corporations - Applied Horizons & Everett Alternative Research are the only two I want to keep for the Plot. First come first serve if you want to be one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet feel free to create your own megacorp or a smaller one inside one of the six. Totally up to you. Just remember with power comes a lot of work and limited play since no one is going to really play with the high and mighty. Be the son of that man instead, at least that's my opinion.

Game Hook

Applied Horizons - leader in cybernetics and genetic research - put an all hands announcement out on all holoscreens across the globe. The announcement aired on a loop for two hours.

CEO, Maerlon, came on with a backdrop of Old New York with Olympus flying high in the background. "Today an unfortunate event took place. One of our research facilities in Old New York was robbed. "Agent X" was stolen from a highly classified lab. We are offering 100,000 credits to any information that leads us to the capture of the thief or return of "Agent X" to us.

But that wasn't the only announcement that went out that day. Applied Horizons sent out an encoded message into the Dark - the place were illegal things take place, the black market, the dark web of millennia before, only more dangerous and more sinister than anyone could imagine. The message scrolled once through those who received the Dark alert. It said, "50,000,000 credits to the person who brings in the being that stole "Agent X" - dead or alive - AND the safe return of "Agent X" - both must happen simultaneously in order to receive the credits."

Nix scratched at the embedded security code on his collar bone, he knew what it read even though he couldn't see it "1-B356DLT-67GQEMP-PH03N1X-627891". It itched, it always itched. Nix's hair fell over his forehead over the pair of sunglasses he wore. There was no sun inside, or outside with all the pollution, but it made other people more comfortable. Nix didn't care one way or another.

The leather pants that fit his body well left little to the imagination, but Nix hardly noticed the way he looked in them. But the women and men around him always seemed to. He wore a silk shirt under the long matching leather coat. His feet were covered in leather as well, boots meant for a lot of running, much lighter than they looked. Nix was unarmed at first glance, but he was far more dangerous than anyone really knew.

The holoscreens in the cafe Nix sat all started blathering on about the same thing, Nix couldn't see the screen even though he was looking at it, he didn't have to, the same alert was going off in the implant that vibrated against his earbone for silent transmission of data. Nix heard the Dark alert over the announcement on the screen and perked up after the data scrolled through a single time. 50,000,000 credits was a lot of money. 100,000 being offered to the public was substantial - not worth Nix's time, but it spoke about how badly Applied Horizon's wanted this "Agent X".

Nix spoke normally, "Mouse, Search Agent X." The command registered in the little black box that Nix carried. It buzzed its assent and Nix turned his attention back to the serving girl who was setting yet another charged drink down in front of him.

Natala was her name, he came her often enough to know that much. "Why don't you ever take of your black sunglasses Nix? I'd sure love to see your eyes."

Nix sighed and removed his sunglasses. The pale skin that stared back at Natala made her gasp. Her heart raced in fear of the unknown. "Oh, wow. I'm sorry. But you walk around without any help? Do you have an implant?"

Nix smiled as he set the glasses back on the bridge of his nose. "Not for seeing. I see just fine. Just not like you."

"Oh really?" Natala sat down next to Nix. "Tell me what you see."

Nix was about to tell Natala all about the element "lights" that made up the world, but her boss shouted from behind the counter. "Natala, get back to work, can't you see we are swamped." The announcement brought in more people to watch on the screens instead of the ones out on the streets where they could hack up a lung.

Natala sighed. "I gotta get back to work."

Nix nodded. "Maybe some other time, Natala."

While he'd been talking to Natala the little black box buzzed again and waited for Nix to retreive the information it found. "What did you find, Mouse?"

It responded silently in his ear, "Nothing found. 2 million searches in the past 10 minutes, not including ours."

Nix smiled. "Find me a hacker, Mouse."

The black box buzzed affirmative in his ear and went to work. Nix sipped at his drink while he waited.

(OOC: Nix is wearing all black btw)

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Lieutenant Wyvern sat at the bar of the cafe. His shift was over, but it didn't mean he couldn't get called back in. The life of a firefighter was unpredictable. Wyvern's drink was non-alcoholic just in case he did receive a call.

The news on the holoscreen made him nervous. A reward for this "Agent X." Wyvern wasn't really interested in the reward. Granted it would be nice, but he was more worried about what kind of public outburst it would cause. People would likely be getting hurt, and who knows if riot's would be caused. Either way, the Fire Service would be involved.

The nervousness caused him to itch at the marking on his collarbone: 1-M80JS26-QR974PJ-WY53RN-724590. It was more of a habit than anything else. Wyvern looked around the room as he sipped at his drink. Patrons were mostly tuned into the holoscreens. A man in all black leather spoke to a server nearby before the owner yelled at her to get back to work.

Wyvern crossed his arms, the maltese cross on his shirt still visible as he turned around and ordered some food. His skin tone was light - almost a bluish hue from his engineered traits. His body maintained a cooler temperature better than most did. It was part of the reason why he was a great member of an Engine Company.

Mouse was busy processing things but the small device was always actively scanning whatever Nix looked at. The little black box was top of the line micro computer capable of thousands of processes in a zeptosecond. Facial recognition was a no problem and the digital voice would rattle off the name of any person who Nix looked at and if asked would recite any information. It was all voice commands so it wasn't something Nix could do in front of a person, but the default setting gave Nix basic information. He could identify people in his vision if he saw them enough, like Natala, he knew her form and color without a problem.

And others would stand out, like the man at the bar, he ran cooler than everyone else and he'd always stand out in a crowd. The charged drink was getting cold by now and Nix hated when it got cold - instead of ordering a second he summoned heat from the air around him and it glowed in an orange ball around his cup. He didn't know what other's saw, but he didn't care. His drink was cold and he was warming it.

Mr Cold over there was a firefighter, or so Mouse had said. Nix wondered why anyone would want to risk their life for some nobody for shit pay. But then Nix didn't really have a choice in what he'd become. You either stole or hunted if you lived the streets as long as he had. And if you weren't in a gang, it was that much harder. Thankfully Nix was just that good and the Reapers came to him more often than not. He was pretty sure they'd come banging on his door in a few days looking for that 50 mil bounty. All up in his face trying to intimidate him. If Creed didn't pay so well then he'd probably not even bother.

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