First and foremost, if you are here you found one of my many little projects - but this one I got up and running in a weeks time (I think). It's rough around the edges, so if there is a problem just post it here or shoot me an email. Tag it as problem or error or something. Once tags actually get working then they will be easy to find.

Posting is simple - login with whatever social media you want, some of them you can log in with multiple times so feel free to create as many character/individual accounts as you want.

Email addresses are collected, but they are only for future use with Gravatars. Right now I'm not using them at all but you are free to delete them. Your name is selected based on whatever social media account it brought with it, but you should be able to change it to whatever you want. I'm not sure if it's unique or not, but if it errors try another name/variation.

The timezone is defaulted to UTC. So if you click your name, either in the top bar or any link you can edit your profile and select the right timezone.

The birth date is not currently in use, but the goal is to be able to hide non-PG-13 style posts behind an age barrier. But again it's not implemented and can be empty. If you get an error again just post it and I'll fix it.

All posts can be formatted with markdown. If you know HTML it will likely through that through too, but not sure about that since I didn't try it straight up. If you don't know markdown, there is a link on each new thread and in the reply area for you to checkout. Markdown is really easy and it makes reading your text easy with the formatting.

Rules. Not many. Be nice, don't troll and if the thread is in character what happens before your character posts happens. Don't god mod. And don't mod someone else's character.

I think that's pretty much it. If you have suggestions I'm all ears, but I'm a writer so I might take a while to get to the code. Too many hobbies I tell ya - too many.

Dec 13,2018 at 4:19 AM